HI! I am Diego, but they call me Joker
I am an Illustrator born in Colombia, I currently live in Barcelona. Throughout my life, I have traveled to different countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Malta, and Spain learning about their cultures, customs, and traditions, feeding on new experiences and friendships. Taking workshops or courses that enrich my work as an illustrator and as a being.


For me, drawing has been one of those essential means to tell our story as a species through time. From the magical and fantastic to the technical or theoretical aspects of our civilization. Behind each line, I don't just see forms, but also a historical and emotional charge that they reveal when creating each illustration.

With my work, what I want to show is my magical world, that mediating world between thought and being. It is the sum of all that amount of images that they present to us in all kinds of formats (posters, magazines, newspapers, movies, television, books, the city, etc.), but managing to interpret them and position them against my images. It is my connection with the depths of my imagination, creating alternate worlds that fill me with satisfaction stroke by stroke.

Thank you!
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