In this artwork, I pay a heartfelt tribute to the renowned artist René Magritte, whose surrealistic genius has consistently captivated my imagination. The clever and reality-defying images he masterfully created serve as a profound inspiration, and I've endeavored to infuse a touch of that brilliance into this unique creation.
A creation that holds a special place in my heart, meticulously crafted with the invaluable support of the Printworkers workshop and utilizing high-quality materials from Rittagraf. Every element is thoughtfully considered, culminating in a truly exceptional piece.

Screen print Limited Edition of 30
Format A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)
Impression 3 colors:
Medium yellow / Light blue/ Dark blue
Organic paper, seaweed cardboard 300gr
Ink for paper and cardboard
Signed and numbered
Certificate of Authenticity included


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