The series "Fluir" is an example of digital illustrations whose central axis reflects in a symbolic and dreamlike way the idea of the flow of life, representing human fragility in the face of elements such as the forces of nature, chance, and the concept of fate that influence the development and evolution of our lives. With this series of digital illustrations, I wanted to explore the world of dreams, symbolism, metaphors, and allegories to represent different concepts developed in my mind through dreams or thoughts. This exploration has helped me to free and heal my body and my mind, it has allowed me to understand that I am part of a channel and that I must flow with it.
The series includes 3 works, all inspired by the concept of the flow of existence. Among the works, "Ephímeros y frágiles" stands out, showing how our body and mind (represented by a cup of tea) are affected by the design and forces of nature (represented by the chrysanthemum flower) in a vast space and solitude.
With my work, I want to reflect on the vulnerability that makes us human and how external influences change us, but especially how, being aware of all this, we can become more resilient to better cope with the situations that arise in life.
I am looking for a space where I can exhibit this series of illustrations, if anyone knows of a space or has one where my project can be shown, I would appreciate the information.


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